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Talaria Sting

Talaria Sting


We are now introducing the new TALARIA STING electric bike. It has been a long road of development with our partners to offer you a great competitive bike with upgrades and more autonomy than before. Transfert case (Gearbox), Wider Rear Wheel, Real-time adjustable Motor Regen, Improved Battery Connector, Stronger headset bearings are few new great features of the Talaria Sting.

  • Tech Specs


    Chassis Material                                    6061 T4 &T6 Aluminum Alloy

    Process Method                                    Forged by 6000 Tons Pressure

    Surface Method                                     Anodizing

    Headlight                                               LED

    Front Fork                                              RST/DNM

    Rear Shock                                            Fast Ace

    Wheel Size                                            19"

    Tire                                                       FR 70/100/19 RR 80/100/19

    Top Speed                                           70km/hr (44T Sprocket)

    Max Range                                          70 km @ 40km/hr

    Net Weight                                                    63kg (Including Battery)

    Vehicle Dimensions                                   1850mm x 770mm x 1075mm

    Seat Height                                                   870mm

    Wheelbase                                                     1225mm

    Handlebar Length                                      760mm

    Ground Clearance                                      280mm



    Motor Type                                           LPMSM

    Mounting Position                                Middle of Frame

    Weight                                                  7.0kg

    Motor EXT. Diameter                            180mm

    Peak Efficiency                                     92%

    Cooling Method                                    Air Cooled



    Controller Type                                      FOC

    Weight                                                    2kg

    Dimension                                              248mmx128mmx50mm

    Peak Efficiency                                      92%

    Highest Work Temp                                      100 Deg



    Nominal Voltage                                      60V (DC)

    Nominal Power                                        3000w

    Peak Power                                             6000w

    Nominal Torque                                        5.7NM

    Peak Torque                                             34NM

    Rear Wheel Torque                                 284NM (44T Sprocket)



    Gear Ration                                             8.35 (44T)

    1st Transmission                                     Gearbox

    2nd Transmission                                   Chain



    Battery Pack                                            60V 38.4ah

    Battery Size                                             170mmx140mmx380mm

    Battery Weight                                        12.85kg

    Battery Cells                                           LG Brand 21700Cell

    Speedometer                                         Speed / Battery Level / Odo


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